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Wits Fun Tournament Results

A Morning Well Spent: The Wits Fun Tournament

With 12 enthusiasts rocking up to do battle, the Wits Table Tennis Fun Tournament that was held on the 29 April 2006 was, by all accounts, indeed a morning well spent.

The one intrinsic factor surrounding the Wits fun tournament is its ability to attract players that generally do not form part of the formal Table Tennis structures. This year was no different. Players from Gauteng North, Vaal and other non-league playing students made their appearance.

The tournament, under the beady eye of Filipe, lacked the normal seriousness that surrounds formal endorsed tournaments, but managed to produce exciting play from all participants. It must be stated that, once a match was in-play, all the usual across-the-table antics and verbal exclamations were made evident.

In the end, four players – Neil, Mlu, Gavin and Aaron shone above the rest. All semi-finalists produced brilliant strategies, exciting servicing and fine stroke-play during their playoffs. The final, on the other hand, was a match-up between the exuberance-of-youth (Aaron) versus experience (Gavin.) After many heart stopping moments, Aaron stepped away the victor.

All in all, a satisfying tournament indeed.