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Gauteng Juniors Shine While Having Fun

By Filipe

With 66 juvenile athletes from Discovery, Atridgeville, Mogale City, Soweto, Lenasia, Hydepark High School and GCTTA in attendance, the 4th of April proved to be a great success for the GCTTA Junior Open Tournament, the Boskruin Centre and all that tended to the smooth running of the tournament.

The visible enthusiasm radiating around the playing venue was inspiring to watch.

This year, the notable absence of Terence Mathole (GN), who is participating in the Egyptian leg of the ITTF Junior Circuit, was a downer for most of the juniors present who all wanted to measure their abilities against the never-say-die youngster, but his cousin, Samuel Mathole more than made up for his absence.

The tournament also served as a platform for the selection of up-and-coming youngsters to join the ranks of the GC Junior Squad; a task that kept Margie and Vivian busy and watchful throughout the proceedings.

The day culminated with the U20 finals. Finals that pitted Gauteng’s top juniors against one another. And the presence of a camera crew provided a nervous tension never before experienced in a GCTTA Junior final.

In the end, Danisha outclassed her Lens counterpart, Fathima, by making a clean sweep of the U20 Girls group, while Chetan outscored Lloyd in a hard fought final 3 games to 2 and 12/10 in the final game.

A demanding day but given the level of play on display, a satisfying day and worth every minute of it.

Medal Standings:



Boys Girls Medals
Shakeel Edwards Nakedi Dzikiti Bronze
Ryan Horowitz Muriel Molefe Bronze
Adam Veldman Stacey Daniels Silver
Dylan Edwards Rose Phasha Gold



Boys Girls Medals
John Khiba Kgothatso Molekwa Bronze
Liam Weinberg Kajal Itchu Bronze
Samuel Mathole Poppy Kehana Silver
Melvin Mohloare Meenal Manga Gold


U12/U14 Doubles

Boys Girls Medals
Ryan/Devon Rose/Muriel Bronze
Shakeel/Abdullah Mbali/Kgathatsho Bronze
Meelan/Liam Poppy/Catherine Silver
Melvin/Baldwin Meenal/Kajal Gold



Boys Girls Medals
Baldwin Kotelo Victoria Molefe Bronze
Kalpesh Itchu Poppy Kehana Bronze
Shivesh Dindayal Kajal Itchu Silver
Samuel Mathole Danisha Patel Gold



Boys Girls Medals
Emile Mauvis Esther Pasha Bronze
Bhavik Patel Fahima Sayed Bronze
Lloyd Reddy Fathima Sayed Silver
Chetan Nathoo Danisha Patel Gold


U17/U20 Doubles (co-ed)

Danisha/Kalpesh Bronze
Samuel/Matthews Bronze
Chetan/Bhavik Silver
Lloyd/Shivesh Gold


Selected to join the GC Junior Squad:

Liam Weinberg (Hydepark)
John Khiba (Soweto)
Mbali Khumalo (Soweto)
Kgothatsho Molekwa (Soweto)
Karishma Lakhoo (Lens)
Ryan Horowitz (Maccabi)
Dylan Edwards (Discovery)
Nakedi Dzikiti (Soweto)
Stacey Daniels (Flames)
Adam Feldman (Maccabi)



Boskruin Management and Staff, City of JHB, GPSAC, GTTB and NLDTF.

Vivian, Margie, José, Philip, Gavin, Filipe, Rolf and Myrna.

Parents, spectators and above all, the enthusiastic participants.