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News >> The way to successful coaching

The way to successful coaching

By Filipe

After much grinding of teeth, reshuffling of bookings and telephonic communications, the 2009 ITTF Level 1 Coaching course took place on schedule. The period of the 20 to 22 February saw six hopefuls take their place to receive instruction from Margie on the finer points of coaching techniques as prescribed by ITTF.

To the uninitiated observer, the physical exercises, the round-the-table drills and the sit-down theory sessions seemed just like any other coaching session, but to those in-the-know,  it was teaching-by-doing or choreographed instruction: in other words, the prospective coaches were put through exercises that they themselves will be using in their coaching classes.

At the end of the third day, fatigue was a visible feature on the faces of the student coaches, much to the amusement of the facilitator and observers alike. After a short but effective motivational speech by the facilitating instructor, all attendees were sent on their way.

Thus begins their careers as coaches.