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GTTB/GCTTA Team Championships Attracts Botswana National Players

By Filipe

With 11 teams in attendance, Boskruin Centre braced itself for a long day of active competition, brilliant stroke play and tight outcomes.

The above is a short précis, of exactly what happened on the 18th October, when 11 teams from across SA and neighbouring Countries came together to show their metal at the newly inaugurated GTTB/GCTTA Club Team Champioships, and once again, Boskruin Centre proved the amiable venue. Yes, it was a long day, but the end results were well worth the wait.

The highlights were the participation of two team from Botswana, one team from Volksrust. The rest comprised of teams from Lenasia (x2,) Blue Fountains, Maccabi, Western Gauteng (x2,) Sedibeng (Vaal) and Gauteng North. All comprising of a wonderful cross-section of individuals, who each brought their own style and technical prowess to the Championships – 38 individuals in total.

Botswana ‘A’  were focused on winning the prize at the end of play. Although they came close, Maccabi proved to be a tougher proposition then they anticipated; not to say that the finals were a walk in the park but remained a one sided affair with Maccabi overpowering Botswana by 4 matches to 1.

The plate final was a different proposition altogether. Here, Lenasia ‘A’ took Vaal to task in a big way. Unfortunately, experience won through when Vaal won the plate event 4 matches to 3.

The playoff for 3rd place in the main event was likewise a nailbitting affair. Here Blue Fountains narrowly pipped a pumped-up team from Western Gauteng 4 matches to 3 to win the Bronze trophy.

The sentiment amongst the athletes in attendance is that the tournament format should form part of a yearly challenge.


Main Event

Maccabi                       Gold
Botswana ‘A”              Silver
Blue Fountains            Bronze
Western Gauteng ‘A’
Gauteng North
Botswana ‘B’


Vaal                             1st
Lenasia ‘A’                  2nd
Lenasia ‘B’                   3rd
Western Gauteng ‘B’                  

Thanks goes to:

Boskruin Centre Staff
City of JHB

José, Gavin and Filipe (Table Administration)
Ros Heffer (Catering)

All athletes and supporters.