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Rules, Technicalities and Headaches

By Filipe

As with any other sport, Table Tennis likewise has its own idiosyncrasies and writs of control. Writs that keep the sport on an even keel and consistent to international norms. For that very reason, every now and then, a technical team comes together to refresh issues of rules, and to ensure that the game is still moving along nicely.

This past weekend (06/04/08,) just such an occurrence took place and this time, SASCOC House was the gracious host.

The whole get-together was orchestrated to discuss the application of the Rules and to finalise the agenda for the upcoming International Umpires Exam that is taking place the weekend of the 12/13 April at the Pavilion in Germiston - According to information in hand, around 50 wannabe IU’s will be attending the proceedings of which around 40 are from neighbouring states; Lesotho and Botswana. The aforementioned is not forgetting the other venues around SA which will likewise be inundated with National Umpires wanting to further their umpiring careers.

Within 5 hours, the attending officials returned home, full of fresh information and ready for the rigors of keeping the sport of table tennis fair and … above the table but behind the end line.