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From the pen of the Chairman

With the imminent approach of the holiday season, I am overwhelmed with a sense of relief at the prospect of not having to think about Table Tennis for a while; or so I hope J

Yet I find solace in reminiscing over all the happenings that occurred during the past year.

I remember all the flourishing tournaments hosted by GCTTA, the camaraderie and the brilliance-of-execution by all our athletes. I remember all the accomplishment achieved at the SA Juniors, the SA Vets and Seniors, and the GTTB/GCTTA Team Championships. And I remember the elation of being awarded a Lotto grant that will take us to new levels in the world of Table Tennis growth.

A fine year indeed.

However, with the onset of the end-of-year, I am in trepidation of what awaits us all in 2009. Well grounded trepidations, for the processes necessary for completion of the Lotto project are exacting and demanding. Processes that will require dedicated co-operation from each one of us, our appointed sub-contractors and Venue Managers. Daunting tasks at best.  

But for now, rest and recreation are at hand.

Thus I wish all Affiliates, my Executive, and all table tennis enthusiasts, a restful holiday period filled with much joy and peace.

Here’s to a splendid 2009

Filipe Nunes