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“It is a dream come true”

By Filipe

Those were the words of the Coach in charge of the proceedings on Sunday the 18th May at the Boskruin Centre. And considering that the initiative to uplift the GCTTA juniors to top-of-the-pops in SA was set off in 2005, it has been a long road indeed, but a satisfying veritas nonetheless.

The training session was the first to use some of the assets of GCTTA, namely 5 Stag TT robots, to put the 15 youngsters through their paces. In the end, thanks to technology, all that was required from the ever-alert coaches, was corrective intervention and the ability to control the pace of a given exercise.

With the final training session scheduled for the 22nd June, much work remains to be done, but in light of the visible youthful enthusiasm and sweat flying about on the day, success at the SA Junior Nationals is a given.

To the parents, the coaches and the athletes who ensured the success of the day; a big thank you.