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Juniors Rise to the Challenge

By Filipe

Who would say that trying to host a junior tournament so early in the season would deliver so much enthusiasm and talent? That is exactly what the first GCTTA Junior Tournament of 2008 did - it delivered flair and youthful exuberance in one concentrated day of Table Tennis competition.

Once again, the Boskruin Community Centre provided the perfect atmosphere for a full day of sporting activities.

For many volunteers, the tournament kicked-off on Friday night when the hall was turned into an arena of orchestrated rectangular playing surfaces and cordoned-off safe areas. This included arranging seating for the many accompanying parents, teachers, minders, coaches and supporters.

The fateful day started at early sunrise with food preparations by the caterer, by the setting out of entry tables and by the organisation of the administration staff to look after proceedings for the course of the day. By eight o’clock, the throngs of young athletes and their support contingency started arriving in preparation for the tournament kick-off at 09H00.

With the introduction of staggered age-group starts, as a way to minimise youngsters having to hang around waiting for their turn, it meant that the Tournament Director and his staff had their work cut out with the management of matches to ensure, as close as possible, adherence to proposed age-group start times. An arduous task in itself. A task that required much patience, much perseverance and brilliant public relations skills.

In the end, 69 entrants walked away totally enthralled with their over-the-table prowess, their abilities to weather technical onslaughts, and their athletic endurance. All qualities that made the work of the referees, easy and controversy free.

By 20H00, Table Tennis walked away the victor.

Medal Winners(click to view)

Thanks to:

Referees – Filipe, Gavin
Administrators – Vivian, Jose, Margie, Andre & Laurie (SACSSA.)
Roaming Supervisors – Uwe, Sarel (also Photographer,) Johannes, Boetie & Moses (GNTTA)
Tuck Shop – Willem
Venue – Boskruin Centre
Assistance – BFTTC, GTTB and GPSAC

Admin Table