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Coaching Taken to the Next Level

By Filipe

Over the weekend of the 8, 9 and 10 February, the Boskruin Centre reverberated to the sounds of 11 hopeful coaches huffing and puffing to the tune of a tireless Margie, instructing and urging them on to new levels of coaching education.

The ITTF Level 1 Coaching course kicked off on the 8th with theoretical lessons on the basics of coaching, legal liabilities, exercise regimens, rules & regulations, and the ethics of being a coach. Nothing too strenuous barring the implementation of a few dormant brain cells in the answering of questions and mental what-if challenges.

Day two proved to be the total opposite of the first day. It was vigorous activity right from the outset, with the occasional exception of theoretical breaks and refreshments pauses. Day two also confirmed that being able to play a stroke is totally different from having to explain and correct shot execution to beginners and champion wannabes. Cooling-off drills were also explained and performed. By the end of the day, all showed signs of exhaustion.

Day three began in the same way that day two concluded: energetically. From the outset, warm-up drills were described and executed to the tune of a tireless stopwatch. These were followed by numerous stroke drills, around-the-table movement drills, paddle games and more theoretical work.

Day three was concluded with an evaluation exercise where each newbie coach was given a task which had to be presented to the class. A task that was undertaken with much glee for it allowed each coach the opportunity to enact what had been learnt.

With representatives from GNTTA, GCTTA, SACSSA and Botswana in attendance, the coaching knowledge imparted will definitely aid in the development of Table Tennis in the various areas.

Many thanks to GPSAC, GTTB, SATTB, City of JHB and Ms. Luckay.