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Youthful Enthusiasm Overwhelms Coaches

By Filipe

The first training session of 2008 for advanced juniors, although lacking in numbers, was overwhelmed by enthusiasm and focused-passion by all who turned up – 3 Seasoned Coaches, 2 newbie Coaches and 10 kids.

The morning of the 02/03/08 kicked off with the customary warm up session to limber up the ‘sleepy’ muscles for the onslaught ahead. The coach charged with the fitness part of the morning ensured that all the muscles groups received a good workout, and then some. This session also highlighted weaknesses that the individual athletes must concentrate on when they return to their individual clubs – flexibility, strength, fitness, etc.

The follow on sessions concentrated on footwork, over-the-table consistency exercises, games that combined all aspects of the practiced techniques and corrective coaching sessions.

The afternoon was spent on rounding-off work and round-robin matches.

By the dogged look on all the faces, the cool-off session did not come a moment too soon.

With the GCTTA selection processes scheduled for the last two weeks in April, much work lies ahead for all the juniors.