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Table Tennis Exposed

By Filipe

Not only was the 21st March celebrated as Human Rights day nationally, it was also a day where Table Tennis was exposed to all visitors to Brightwater Commons in Randburg.

This initiative is the second in a series of many such expositions where the main objective is to attract new players to the sport of Table Tennis. In the end, over one hundred interested persons came forward to try their hand at knocking a 2.7gram celluloid ball around a 2.74m by 1.525m elevated playing court. The introduction of a TT Robot added to the attraction with many querying the benefits and where-can-they-purchase such piece of machinery.Others came forward wanting to know the where-and-when of Clubs, what they need to start playing, and what are the costs involved.

All and all, a good day was had by all the volunteers and participants alike.


By Blake Wilkins

The Gauteng Central table tennis robot was a sensation at an exhibition session staged on 21 March at Brightwater Common in Randburg.

More than 100 members of the public of all ages pitted themselves against the relentless machine in a battle in which every participant emerged a winner.

Top level coach Sarel Oberholster was on hand to provide aspirant players with guidance on various aspects of the game, his input often serving to raise standards within minutes of a person picking up a bat for the first time. About 10% of first-time players returned later to have another go with the robot.

About 50 leaflets promoting the game were handed out to interested members of the public and around 1 000 people came along to watch or strolled past the players with their eyes firmly fixed on the ‘game’ in progress.

A number of registered players from other provinces were drawn to the exhibition and applauded Gauteng Central’s strategy of bringing the game to the public.

Players from various clubs supported the Outreach initiative either by providing assistance on the day or by arranging the transportation of equipment to and from the venue.

Thanks to Vivian and Lloyd Reddy of Flames; Sarel, Blake, Gavin, Uwe, Willem and Philip from Blue Fountains; and Filipe (Chairman) and Neil (Project Manager) from Gauteng Central Table Tennis Association. Thanks also to their families for allowing them to give up time over a public holiday to promote the sport of table tennis.

Anyone wishing to know more about the table tennis robot can contact Filipe

Visitors to the web site who would like to suggest a venue or have their venue considered for an exhibition/robot site contact Blake Wilkins at 083 418 6015.