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Scholars in league with excellence

By Filipe

The planned 2007 Scholars League has for the past weeks, kept most of the organisers agonising over the viability of the whole initiative. Yet, and on cue, 21 scholars pitched up on the day (04/03/07) to enjoy an afternoon of Table Tennis; much to the joy of all the organisers.

While Gavin ran around sorting out all the administrative stuff, the proceedings kicked off with a bout of instruction and coaching led by an upbeat Margie and Uwe. The ensuing league matches delivered some surprises, logistical obstacles and champions-in-the-making.

The surprise of the day was the patronage by a member of Gauteng Province – Sports, Art and Culture, who offered his services in mediating our needs with the Education Department.

In between the maelstrom of activity, beginners, desirous of coaching, were identified and encouraged not to lose heart when facing the onslaught of the more experienced players. And beginners there were a plenty, which means that coaches have much work ahead of them.

The afternoon was concluded with a game demonstration, and commentary, by GCTTA players present.

All in all, a well spent afternoon. A sign of good things to come.

* For information on the Scholars league, contact Gavin