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SA Games on Trial

By Filipe

What transpired during the weekend of the 24th February was nothing short of amazing. To see kids of all persuasions beaming from ear to ear while enjoying their sport of choice was awe inspiring. In the words of the nominated Team Manager (Table Tennis,) Mr. Haroen Khan – “I can’t believe the turnout. It is simply amazing.”

Over one hundred kids pitched up on the morning of the 24th February at the John Barrable Hall full of expectations and nervous tension. What awaited them was a rigorous selection process that would eventually determine who would be picked to represent Team Gauteng at the 2007 SA Games in September.

Over the next few hours, much activity took place. Activities that kept both the Officials and participants busy and on their toes. In the end, and after much jostling, well represented teams were chosen from across the Able-body and Disabled ranks. Team whose job is now to excel in the name of Team Gauteng.

Much thanks must go to GPSAC (Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts and Culture) for the financial aid, transport, sustenance and ensuring that Ekurhuleni Metro agreed to the use of the John Barrable Hall.

To the Team, the Team Manager, the Team Coach (Arnold Louw,) and the Table Administrators (Vivian {GC} Andre {WG} and Snooky {Disa}) who assisted on the day, congratulations and well done.