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The Great SA Games Send-off

By Filipe

Saturday night the 22 September turned out to be a night of pleasant surprises. On said night, the Gauteng department of Sport and Recreation (GPSAC) put together a feast that managed to bring together athletes, parents and supporters alike, under one roof, on time and with minimal disruptions. The night in question was the much awaited Honours Function in honour of all the selected athletes representing Team Gauteng at the 2007 SA Games in Bloemfontein from the 23rd to the 28th September.

Given the humble beginnings of a few years ago, where much went wrong, the 2007 SA Games send-off will go down as ‘well done!’

The Table Tennis contingency of 32 Athletes and 8 Officials was kept together by the ever watchful Team Manager, Haroen Khan and Team Coach, Arnold Louw. And to see the whole assembly climb into their allocated busses at the conclusion of the festivities, was an emotional affair. One that made up for the many months of behind the scenes slog and pain.

All that remains is to wish them all the best and good luck.