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Glory for Table Tennis at SACSSA National Tournament

By Filipe

The 21st April has come and gone, but for all participants, administrators and supporters present at the SACSSA National Tournament, it will linger in memory for sometime.

On the day, over 150 kids in 10 age groups turned out to pit their Table Tennis skills against fellow scholars from all over South Africa. It took 1 Tournament Convenor, 3 Administrators, 1 Tournament Referee, 23 Umpires and a Logistics Manager 9 hours to get all the youthful exuberance through to completion (albeit in an unorthodox manner; but such is the nature of Table Tennis.) And with National Colours at stake, the day was charged with high anticipation forcing the athletes to give it their best in an atmosphere of camaraderie and competition.

The tourney also served as a platform to select a local team to represent SACSSA at the upcoming GCTTA Junior Open on the 16th June 2007.

Talk through out the day was that if the events carries on growing at the pace experienced over the last three years, that the Tournament will have to be staged over a weekend instead of a few hours.

When all was said and done, Table Tennis definitely won the day.