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Umpire Wannabes Muster Together

By Filipe

Of all the courses presented during 2007, the Provincial and National Umpires course held on the 10 November 2007 was the pinnacle of excitement, thoughtful debate and anticipation.

Twelve League Umpires presented themselves at the Boskruin Centre to tackle the challenge of writing their first closed book exam that tested their insight into the Rules and Regulations of Table Tennis.

What made this course different was attested by the fact that it was not a static read-and-discuss undertaking, but rather a scenario-and-debate interactive digestion of information. This style of presentation led to great debates and class interactions.

With 2008 being another ITTF International Umpires (IU) exam year, and given the enthusiasm displayed by the attending group, many more IU’s are soon to join the growing fold of South African International Umpires.

Provinsial and National Umpires

Provinsial and National Umpires