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Youngsters Reach Out Imperially

By Filipe

Corporate Events, by their very nature, can be tedious and pompous affairs, but Friday 13 July will go down in history as a day where Corporate met Table Tennis in grand style. Said day saw seven GCTTA Youngsters play the roles of sport ambassadors with great panache, flair and having fun in the process.

A few weeks ago, NRB, a division of Standard Imperial, who are also a Corporate Sponsor of GCTTA for the past few years, laid down a foundation for the hosting of an inter-divisional challenge where GCTTA would be granted the opportunity to showcase some of its up-and-coming talent. The first attempt had to be called off at the last moment due to Corporate commitments, but the second attempt proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what was intended the first time round, was good and sound. On said day, not only did the divisional challenge highlight hidden competitiveness from amongst the employee ranks, but also underlined what our youngsters are made off when called upon to showcase their talents far and wide.

The afternoon was facilitated by Sarel who walked around ensuring continuity of play, while patiently explaining the rules of table tennis to all corporate participants; some of which have never played the game. There were also some surprises with one person displaying proper Table Tennis delivery and poise – turns out that he played for Gauteng North many years ago.

All in all, an exciting afternoon was enjoyed by all. The final word from the Corporate giant was one of gratefulness, amazement at the conduct of the kids, and that this event will definitely not be the last. Something good was started, and something good will be continued.

From GCTTA a great thanks to Sarel, Arnold, Willem, BFTTC and Chetan Nathoo, Lareen Louw, Tasmyn Nord, Raquel Dawson, Chivesh Dindayal, Evans Motaung, and Bavic Patel for their commitment to a sport that needs all the publicity and corporate support it can rally. Your assistance and presence made the opportunity just what the doctor ordered.

(the above forms part of the GCTTA Outreach program)