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Lenasia delivers Coaches on cue!

By Filipe

What started off as a nearly-did-not-happen event, ended off as one of the best supported SATTB (and LOTTO) initiatives seen to date. When it seemed that another Coaching event was going down the drain, Lenasia, under the leadership of Sampie Essack, pulled a rabbit-out-of-their-hats and produced 28 aspiring coaches for the weekend of the 24th and 25th February 2007. Much to the amazement and astonishment of the facilitator, Sarel Oberholster.

The excitement was visible even for outsiders who could not believe that 28 participants could pull together over two days to deliver an amazing show of talent, willingness and flair. Even the assistant Coach, Hasmukh Jeram, battled to contain his enthusiasm

The proceedings were concluded on Sunday afternoon with 25 initiates being issued with a Club Coach (Level 0) certificate by a happy but visibly tired facilitator.

It is said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Given all that transpired, Lenasia stands on the forefront of becoming the next power-house in Table Tennis.