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Affiliate Patches 2007 In Style

By Filipe

As the 2007 Table Tennis year nears its end, the Blue Fountains Table Tennis Club, a long standing affiliate of GCCTA, took to hosting a so called fun-tournament in celebration of just such a conclusion. The night in question (26/11/07,) besides some members dressing-up for the event, also called for the wearing of an eye-patch over the opposing racket-hand eye; causing depth perception confusion.

Besides the occasional guffaw by the newbie-members present at the antics of those in dress-up, the laughter caused by the eye-patch blunders was louder and more comical.

On the night, Ronald pipped Uwe by an eye-patch to take the singles title while Margie & Kobus caught Gavin & Don blind-sided to take the doubles title. The best dresser prize went to Uwe for his fishnet stocking ensemble and post-modernistic white supervisors overcoat. The red bell-tasselled hat accessorized the outfit to a tee.