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SAVETTS 2006 Open Championship Results

What’s Age got to do with it.

What can be said about a tournament whose participants show their age with glee and talk about  their Table Tennis exploits as if they happened yesterday. The recently held SAVETTS 2006 Open Championships was exactly such a tournament.

The evergreen Anver proved, once again, that age has nothing to do with it, for he clean-swept  the Men’s forty plus and fifty plus titles without even breaking a sweat; but that is not to say that he had no competition. The likes of Simon, Morgan, Osman and Rainer made sure that he played his heart out. Our own Sarel took silver in the plate event.

On the female side of the tournament, it was a stately affair but none-the-less competitive. Ms. Stretton, Berkowitz, Slater and Schalkwyk made sure that the eventual winners were deserving winners. The Ladies thirty five plus was won by Ms. Slater while the Ladies forty five plus by Ms. Stretton.

The one discerning factor to a Vets tournament is the camaraderie and the visible lack-of-haste by all the participants. The end-of-proceedings braai added a welcome dimension to the affair.

Here’s to the next Vets Tournament.