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SACSSA shows the way!

This weekend saw the culmination of many week’s hard work by the Christian Schools Table Tennis fraternity when their Sports Association, SACSSA (SA Christian Schools Sports Association,) held its National Table Tennis championships at the John Barrable hall on Saturday, 18 March 2006.

The players, as usual, only had one thing in mind; to play, and play, and play, irrespective of rules and annoying umpires, but having teachers on hand, the processes were quickly brought under control much to the approval of the parents and administrators, and to the amusement of supporters and spectators.

At this point it must be said that of the 15 umpires that passed their Board sanctioned league umpires exams in January 2006, five cut their teeth at this tournament.

Championship Info:

Participants               -           104 School kids

Administrators           -           3

Umpires                     -           20 with 6 reserves

Referee                      -           1

Tables                        -           11

After a long day of play, checking and rechecking, score calling and dispute sorting, Table Tennis stepped out the winner with all finalists being deserving winners.