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Machine Sweats Human Opponents

Saturday (19/08/06) started off like any other Saturday except for two young Table Tennis players; they were to learn that machines don’t sweat.

Table Tennis coaching in Gauteng Central, given all the recent initiatives, entered a new phase in the development stages of stroke play amongst the youth. A Table Tennis playing machine was introduced to the fray. And what a scrimmage it turned out to be. With glistening faces and deep facial lines of alertness, both youngsters were put through the motions of footwork, correct stroke-play and hand-to-eye co-ordination. And not once did the machine falter. It delivered time-after-time without a moan, a bead of sweat or flinching.

Five hours later, both students stepped off the machine happy and contented at having overcome all that the machine threw at them. What was never perceived by both students was that in the short space of time they played and faced more balls than they would have during a season of Table Tennis league.