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Blue Fountains hosts Alsbach Table Tennis Club

Dancing to the tune of Alsbach

The past weekend (15.04.06) an invitation Blue Fountains team played a touring German team from Hessen. The whole tour was put together thanks to an old Blue Fountains club member, namely Uwe Hohl who currently lives in Germany.

The Alsbach Table Tennis Club, who are celebrating their club’s fortieth anniversary in Table Tennis participation were represented by three ladies and five men. All active club members playing in the 13th League in one of Germany’s Table Tennis Bundesliga (Interesting fact: Table Tennis is the third largest sport in Germany.)

All in all, Blue Fountains held their own against an experienced side that was fighting high-altitude, where celluloid table tennis balls travel further and faster than at sea level, where oxygen is sparse and where oppressive heat dampens most fitness levels (oh, the joys of home game advantage.)

In the end, the visiting team, playing a modified tournament schedule, beat Blue fountains 46 to 35 games (or 12 matches to 8.) The outstanding quality of the German team was their respectable level of stroke play.

The after tournament braai and exchange of gifts illustrated that, irrespective of language barriers, the camaraderie between sportspersons from across the globe is alive and well.

Here’s to Tatiana, Peter, Alex, Ricarda, Jürgen, Hans-Peter, Ines and Horst. May their short visit encourage other like-minded sportspersons to follow suit.